The GAME CHANGER is here

"Let’s treat every passenger like it is our best customer"

The NEW Alternative to European Regional Air Travel

Currently, Regional Air travel is amongst the worst industries regarding customer treatment.
Passengers treated as inferior species, having to squeeze into the small seat without any legroom, no overhead luggage space, very customer unfriendly terms and conditions on bookings, refunds, changes, late check-in, refused boarding, hand luggage rules, waiting, waiting and waiting.
Sounds familiar?

CARINAIR AIRLINES will show that air travel can be a positive experience. Even when traveling on a regional or domestic flight.

Against the trend

CARINAIR will give every traveler a personal space of 34 inch (which is more than 86 cm) comparable with Business Class or Economy-PLUS seating in other airlines. Enjoy the extra space on-board in brand new extra wide comfortable seats and free WIFI, with charging stations in every seat for laptop and phone

The CARINAIR ticket prices will be comparable and lower than the established airlines. The reason for this is that CARINAIR will be setup as the most technologically advanced airline in the world, making use of the most advanced aircraft and control systems. This will optimize automation in all procedures and processes, leaving more time to provide space and service to the customers. This results in an airline that will operate routes both domestic in Germany, but also regional in Europe.

Regional and flexible

CARINAIR will revive the use of regional airports, such as Dortmund, Nürnberg, Stuttgart and Hamburg which means less travel times to- and in the airport, easier check in and security clearance, no time-consuming stopovers in transit airports other than your destination and arriving closer to your destination. Booking, buying a ticket, checking in, changing, moving and cancelling tickets at CARINAIR will be easy, simple, and customer friendly.

Honest Catering Solutions

When we serve coffee on-board CARINAIR, we serve real and freshly brewed coffee, or espresso, or cappuccino. When we serve food, it will be fresh, bio-organic wherever possible, with a choice of several dishes, wines will be served from normal-size bottles and local beers will be available upon request. Like being in a restaurant.

Service with a smile

CARINAIR will operate direct routes throughout Europe, wherever requested twice daily returns, so that businesspeople can travel to their customer in the morning and travel back at night. All people working at CARINAIR are proud and happy to be of service to you!

Let’s treat every passenger like it is our best customer. It isn’t hard. It is only Going Against the Trend CARINAIR will be the game changer in Regional Air Travel

For more information, contact us on:
+356 77 155 622